Monday, October 26, 2015

Some Scenes from a Great National Park

Hidden Falls near Jenny Lake . . . 
The Grand Tetons National Park. 

Blackbird or catbird hitching a ride on the road to Cody, Wyoming. Looking for a tick or lousy snack perhaps on the back of his host.

This big boy below appeared
near dusk on Elk Flats, Teton Village.

Trudging his way down to a drink and a greener meadow. His rules of the road meant using both lanes and claiming right-of-way.

A study from our hike along Jenny Lake, The Grand Tetons.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Another of Those Great Barns

Found in front of the
Mission Range, western
Montana, near St. Ignatius.

Not much in the way of
foothills for the Missions.
They rise abruptly from
the valley floor and are notably

May this survivor enjoy
a long life. Like the rail
fence, barns are becoming
antiques and relics too
costly and often too
dysfunctional today to


Here's our attempt at 
growing Englemann Ivy.