Sunday, February 28, 2016

Waiting for the Meadowlarks

Carved Meadowlark on Perch

A wonderful heirloom. From the Eastern Shore of Maryland comes this exquisite Western Meadowlark. WG the Carver creates these masterpieces, and this one shown above is somewhat of a departure from his other projects.

We've recently reconnected with this friend from our days together at Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania. Now living on Chesapeake Bay near Trappe, Maryland, WG devotes his talent to stunning depictions of waterfowl found in abundance there.  His creations are normally large and life-sized and represent the highest tier of wildlife art. Yet, he occasionally works his wonders on a songbird.

This Western Meadowlark displays his exacting attention to detail and is life-size and so life-like, it's as if the bird flew in from the meadow to say hello.

Around here, we take bets on who will hear the first Meadowlark of spring. Some of us keep our acreage in sagebrush so these treasured friends will still have habitat to raise their young and bring pleasure to our lives with their song. 

I thought it was perched on a chunk of sagebrush, but Bill says he's been keeping a piece of driftwood stashed over the years for just such a project.  I think Mister or Missus Meadowlark likes it here.